The Beers


Louisiana Pale Ale (LPA)
Duckweed LPA

ABV: 5.2%

We gotta admit, a mess of fresh hops floating in the brew kettle looks a lot like duckweed on the bayou. So we rolled with that observation to name this smooth- drinking,Louisiana Pale Ale. With liberal helping of Galena, Cascade, Bravo and Falconer’s Flight hops in the mix, this beauty delivers hints of spicy herbal goodness up front, followed by a crisp citrus finish. And don’t you worry- we left the bayou water in the bayou.

New Basin Stout

Milk Stout
New Basin Stout

ABV: 6%

Building the New Basin Canal was a back-breaker. Between torrential downpours and rampant yellow fever, just surviving a day's work was license to hoist a pint or two. So to honor the tough-as-nails Irish immigrants who made it happen, we set out to brew a beer they might have enjoyed, dark as night with a touch of satisfying sweetness. That's the New Basin Stout, dedicated to what these men accomplished and the fat frog who watched it all go down.

Bon Trois

Blonde Ale


The Bon Trois (Good Three) was released for our 3rd anniversary. A single malt, single hop Blonde Ale with Maris Otter Malt and Pekko hops.


Dunkelweizen - Winter Seasonal
Copasaw - transparent

ABV: 5.5%

Copasaw, meaning “cold water,” was named for Bayou Copasaw in Terrebonne Parish. Dunkleweizen, meaning “dark wheat,” is traditional style of German Lager. This Dunkleweizen is a rich caramel delight with four hop additions not commonly found in wheat beers, yet it's smooth as a lager.


Abbey Ale - Lent Seasonal
Delacroix Ale

ABV: 7%

We brew our Delacroix (“of the cross”) to be enjoyed at one of the most spiritual times of year in Louisiana, Lent. It’s heavenly name sake also pays tribute to the Spanish Canary Islanders – the Islenos – who settled Delacroix Island and lived simply, off the bounty of the land. Their hard work and faith helped shaped our Mardi Gras Season.


Festbier - Fall Seasonal

ABV: 6%

We release the House Beer for the Deutsche Haus's Oktoberfest each year since 2014. Our Haus Fester is a rich orange Munich-style Lager. It is light and drinkable with a touch of spicy hops and a biscuity talk profile.

Orange Blossom O-Possum

Orange Honey Ale - Summer Seasonal
Orange Blossom O-Possum Ale

ABV: 5.5%

Brewed with over 60 pounds of honey from citrus farms in Plaquemine Parish, whole cone Centennial hops are the star of the honey ale, added twice during the boiling stage and again in the fermenter. This is a nice deep gold - almost amber - color.

Red Bean Ale

Red Bean Ale - Summer Seasonal
Red Bean Ale

ABV: 4.2%

We decided to take the traditional Irish style Red Ale and give it a kiss of Loiusana. We added Camille Brand Red Beans to this beer which gives it some earthy tones. Grab this beer on Mondays with a plate of red beans and rice and it'll be the best thing you have until you have it again.